Important Dates
February 2021
  • 13th - Meet and Greet
  • 15th - Candidates Forum
  • 25th - Early Voting Begins
March 2021
  • 8th - Rantoul Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum
April 2021
  • 6th - Election Day

Who is Regina Crider?

I came to Rantoul as a ninth grader in 1986 by way of Champaign. It was truly a culture shock, but I quickly settled in and got involved in school activities. In 1991 I enlisted in the United States Army for three years. I came back to Rantoul because I wanted to be close to my family.

Family is very important to me. I have been married for over 20 years to my wonderful husband, Damon. We have two beautiful children, DeAndre' and DaYanna. I also am blessed to still have my mother Joan with me.

My vocation and calling is to be of help and service. I serve as lead Pastor of Crossroad of Life Community Church (Rantoul) and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Youth & Family Alliance (Rantoul). I have worked as an advocate for youth and families for more than 15-years across various child-serving systems throughout Champaign County. 

2013-Present                 Director                                           Youth & Family Peer Support Alliance

2015-Present                 Senior Pastor                                  Crossroad of Life Community Church  

2006-2007                       Program Director                           Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club

Director                                           SOAR Youth Programs

2003-2011                       Contractor                                       Family Mentor & Effective Black Parenting Facilitator

2001-2003                       Coordinator                                    Best Interest of Children

1998-2001                       Education Admin. Assistant         Chanute Transition Center

1991-1994                       Private First Class                          United States Army 

What Is The Role of A Village Trustee?

A village trustee is an elected local *non-partisan government official. The Village of Rantoul Trustees are elected by districts that represent a certain geographical area of Rantoul. However, Trustees also represent the Village "at large" which means as a whole. The board consists of six Trustees and the Mayor. A Trustee will vote on public policy for the village, which includes how the village's money is spent, land use issues, appointments by the mayor and legal contracts. Trustees also initiate, evaluate, and vote on matters that affect the everyday life of residents, businesses, and property owners. These include such matters as economic development, public safety, road improvements, property conditions and concerns raised by residents of Rantoul.  

*Non-partisan: The term nonpartisan is also used to describe elections in which the candidates do not run with partisan labels. Nonpartisan elections are generally held for municipal and county offices. In addition, most school board elections are nonpartisan. 
My Vision for Rantoul is to...

"...honor the past but forge ahead with a new vision of inclusion, transparency, and renewed confidence in an equitable and fair government."

 Photo: Illinois Delegate at National Hill Day, Washington DC 2019 
Experienced Leader with A Vision

I have spent my life serving others and it has been an honor and privilege to do so. Whether it was in my role as a Soldier, Family Advocate, Peer Supporter, Executive Director or Pastor every role afforded me the opportunity to learn how to lead. 

As a Leader I have learned the importance of self-awareness, to listen more and talk less, to collaborate and partner with others and to lead with confidence. I understand my strengths, weaknesses, and the skills that I bring to the table, but at the same time I am constantly learning with an open mind and seeking to understand the world around me. 

I believe as a community we can’t continue to look back longingly at the glory days of Chanute Air Force Base. There are people who live in Rantoul who aren’t aware or are not interested in what happened back then because they are living in the present.  

My vision is to honor the past but forge ahead with a new vision of inclusion, transparency, and renewed confidence in an equitable and fair government. To get there we must have diverse representation at every level in the Village.  

The first step I will take is  to ensure that the Citizens Advisory Committee is fully operational and reflects the diversity of the community from race, gender, social economic standing, age and district. The citizens appointed to the committee are responsible for preparing and recommending grant applications for Community Development Block Grant funding to the Mayor and Village Board; monitoring the progress of all funded programs and making recommendations to the Mayor and Village Board regarding the use of the funds. 

Community Empowerment
"We cannot prosper in life without knowledge and the more knowledge we have as a community the more empowered and united we can become." 
Photo: Children's Mental Health Awareness Week Annual Family Dinner and Dance 

Community Empowerment

An overarching concern that I have consistently heard from residents is that they aren’t knowledgeable about the affairs and dealings of the Village or they don’t understand how decisions will personally impact them and their family.

As Village Trustee I would work to bridge the gaps in knowledge by working with the Mayor and the board to develop learning opportunities to increase community members knowledge, skill, and understanding of how the village is run. For example, learning how demographic data impacts decisions and funding, what a TIF is and how it works and how budgets are developed and adopted to name a few.

Another beneficial learning opportunity would be to work with the Community Development Department to read through, explore and ask questions about the Village of Rantoul Consolidated Plan, 2020-2024. It would be a first step at getting this valuable document into the hands of the residents.

Community empowerment is critical and desperately needed and desired by many. Knowledge is power is a well-known proverb. We cannot prosper in life without it and the more knowledge we have as a community the more empowered and united we can become.


Positive Youth Development
"If we do not invest in our youth on the front end, then we will pay on the back end and that always cost more."
My Vision for Youth

As a Leader I recognize and understand the importance of supporting our youth. I have served youth and families over a span of 20 years. During this time, I have learned one important fact. If we do not invest in our youth on the front end, then we will pay on the back end and that always costs more.

I am passionate about young people and their future. My vision for the youth is simple. Invest on the front end because it just makes sense. My energy will be geared toward Positive Youth Development (PYD). PYD focuses on strengths and positive outcomes, youth voice and engagement, strategies that involve all youth, supporting all youth rather than focusing solely on "high-risk," "gifted," or "athletic" youth. PYD includes and reaches beyond programs; it promotes organizational change and collaboration for community change. It affords everyone in the community to have a role in making Rantoul a great place to grow up.

As Village Trustee I will call on the Village to make Positive Youth Development a priority on the Citizens Advisory Committee or to establish a Positive Youth Development Task Force. The task forcewould consist of youth, young adults, professionals, paraprofessionals etc. from diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, positions, and points of view to develop a comprehensive plan that the community at large can get behind. This will include identifying funding, partners and various stakeholders who are willing to make long term investments to help support the needs of all youth to grow and thrive in this community. 

There are a various PYD frameworks and models that guide this work. The one I have used is the 40 Developmental Assets framework. If you would like to learn more, click here.

Only voters who live in District #2 can vote for me. However, when elected I will represent the Village at large.

District #2 Neighborhoods
Election Information
  • The requirements to vote in Illinois:

    • Must be 18 years old or 17 to vote in a Primary if the voter will be 18 by the General.
    • US Citizen, by birth or naturalized.
      • Citizenship: born in the US, born outside the US but at least one parent is a US citizen, born outside US and completed the naturalization process
      • VISAS are not citizenship
    • Individuals with a felony conviction CAN vote.
  • Register to Vote: Register online to vote.
  • Update Your Current Registration: If you are already registered in Champaign County or the state of Illinois but need to update your address or name you can do so be going to the State Board of Elections website.
  • Online Voter Registration: Registering online is easy and safe. Once you have completed the required information, it is transmitted from the State Board of Elections to the Clerk's Office. We verify it in our records, send you a voter registration card and you're ready to go! The entire process from completing the online form to us mailing your voter registration card takes about 7 days. And just a reminder, the voter registration card is for your information, it is not required to vote. Remember you will need the last 4 digits of your social security number and your Illinois driver's license or state ID number with issue date.
  • Grace Period Registration: Grace period voter registration and voting is an opportunity for anyone that has missed the regular registration deadlines to register and vote during the same trip. Grace period is available for 14 days before an election and on Election Day. The voter must fulfill all the same requirements to register to vote and once they do, they must register and vote during that same trip. Anyone eligible to vote in Champaign County can go to any of the early voting sites to grace period register and vote. A photo ID and piece of mail no more than 30 days old are required to register. For a detailed list of acceptable ID and address verification, see here.
  • Paper Voter RegistrationPrint the Voter Registration Application linked in the column on the right under Elections Paper Forms, complete it, and return it to the Clerk's Office. Make sure you complete all the required fields. Missing information will delay or prevent you from being registered to vote. You can return the form by mail or drop it off at the Clerk's Office in-person.

    To mail the form, address it to:

    Champaign County Clerk
    Elections Department
    1776 E Washington St
    Urbana, IL 61802

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Or, mail donations to:
Please write on the memo line: Vote Crider For Change
Regina Crider - VCFC
1633 Symington Rd.
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Thank you for investing in the future of Rantoul!
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